Organic, Vegan & Gluten Free, Diwali

Diwali Special Gift Box

Contains: Organic Rose & Saffron Kaju Katli X 4 pieces, Organic Kesar Badaam Peda X 4 pieces, Organic Rabri X 1, Smoked Paprika Mixed Nuts and Seeds X 1, Custom Handmade Ceramic Bowls X 2

Pre-Orders Open From 16th Oct to 22nd Oct. Special Promotional Pricing Available for this limited period.

₹ 2,199
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Product description

The festival of Diwali signifies the triumph of light over darkness. This year, it made us think how can we bring light within our local community? The seed of this idea, led us to our farmers whom we have consistently sourced directly from. They form the roots of our brand. But we wanted to take it a step further, and so we tied up with two local artisans based in Mumbai. One, a street vendor, Jitu, who is hearing impaired, made us the most beautiful clay pots to store our desserts in and Sejal, a local ceramic artist, handmade custom bowls for us. They became the spine of our idea, supporting it with grace and elegance. By choosing Yogisattva this Diwali, you have supported the direct livelihoods of everyone involved in bringing this box together. You have purchased with a purpose while we continue to make food with a passion. Thank you for supporting our journey and for contributing to our mission.

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Pre-orders are now open. Available for delivery between 23rd Oct till November 14th. Our team member will get in touch with you to coordinate the delivery upon placing an order.
Store in the fridge, Consume within 7 days.
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